Prepare your outboard for the season

As spring unfolds, eager boaters anticipate hitting the water. However, dedicating time to a pre-season outboard engine maintenance checklist can significantly enhance your boating season's enjoyment and prolong your outboard's lifespan. These general recommendations serve most outboards, but always consult your owner’s manual for your specific model’s maintenance schedule and instructions.

Pre-season Maintenance Essentials

What Should Already Be Done: If you winterized your boat properly, you’ve likely covered these steps. Otherwise, start here:

  • Oil and Filter Change: Four-stroke outboards need an oil-and-filter change every 100 hours or before storage. If overlooked last fall, do it now with premium marine engine oil formulated for the marine environment. Two-stroke engines require a fresh fill of injector oil at season's start. Check our oil filters here
  • Gearcase Lubricant Change: Changing the gear lube annually prevents damage and corrosion. Missed it? Change it now to avoid starting the season with potential gearcase issues. Take a look at our OEM Gearcase Oil here.

Fuel System Preparation

  • Filter Replacement: Change the small engine fuel filter and, if equipped, the water-separating fuel filter annually. Having a spare filter on your boat is also wise. We offer OEM filters here.
  • Fuel Management: If you stabilized the fuel before storage, you're set. Otherwise, consider refreshing your tank with new fuel, especially avoiding ethanol blends when possible. Starting fresh helps prevent engine deposits and ensures smooth operation.

Battery Maintenance

  • Battery Testing and Replacement: A marine battery's optimal lifespan is five to seven years. If nearing or beyond this, consider testing or replacing it to avoid starting issues. Securely mounting the battery prevents damage and extends its life.

Additional Maintenance Checks

  • Belts Inspection: Inspect timing, alternator, or air-injection pump belts for wear. Although they typically have a long lifespan, a quick check can prevent unexpected failures.

Utilizing Fuel Additives

  • Fuel Treatment: At every fill-up, use a fuel additive to control moisture and prevent gumming. Periodically, introduce a cleaner to reduce carbon buildup, and at season's end, add a stabilizer to protect the fuel system during storage.
    You can find our fuel treatment products here

By adhering to this streamlined pre-season maintenance guide and using our recommended Evinrude Johnson and Mercury OEM products, you can ensure a trouble-free and enjoyable boating season. Proper care not only enhances performance but also extends the life of your outboard engine, making your boating experience more reliable and enjoyable.

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